A New Series on Policy Solutions

This blog began as place to put down my thoughts and experiences. When I started it long ago as a site on Blogspot, it seemed easier to keep friends and family informed of what I was doing by posting it online, rather than writing mass emails. I was in the military; I was traveling and having amazing experiences; I was learning and loving the satisfaction of hard work and performing difficult tasks. I thought it was important to record my life primarily because in my affluent network, the military was poorly understood and my decision to join baffled some. My intent in posting was to showcase the joy, satisfaction, and service of the military lifestyle.

Over the years, however, my life has become less interesting. I say that humbly and without agenda–after all, working a civilian job, loving my wife, and raising a family are not exceptional circumstances. Reading about an adventure in South Korea, or about discovering a tiny island atoll awash in history, is after all more interesting than relating the day-to-day life of work, housework, meals for the kids, and my current favorite TV shows. So I have written far less frequently, and I don’t really mind–my life really matters to me, my wife and kids, the house, my work. Those things don’t leave much time for philosophical musing and frankly, they are far more important than philosophical musing.

Today, however, I have a different idea. The hyper-polarized climate of today, with the controversial President Trump in office and an uncertain world of endless “breaking news” reports and too many strident opinions, has made me think deeply about what we Americans can do to navigate this new age. I don’t claim to have the answers, but I think I’ll try addressing issues with feasible, rational ideas to get us collectively from a broken system to one that works. My hope is that when I post these ideas on facebook, I will get a lot of discussion and maybe inject a bit of “wanting the best thing for everybody” into a world of “my perspective is right and I have nothing to say to whomever disagrees with me.”

Here goes nothing.

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